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Gonana is a unique and easy-to-use marketplace for farmers worldwide, its innovative technology stack enables seamless interaction for local and international farmers to connect and conduct business transparently by leveraging the power of Blockchain technology.

About Gonana

Connecting farmers 🌱 🌲 and consumers ⭐️


What We Offer

Simple and Fast

The design and development of Gonana was made in a way that fits the web3 idea such that any non-tech savvy farmer can find their way around it regardless of educational level or exposure. Also, Gonana has a very simple and fast payment system for settlement that is deployed on the blockchain (Moonbeam protocol) with cross-chain capabilities on Algorand, XDC, Evmos, Solana, Acala, Celo and Near to give the farmers a true blockchain experience with a fiat payment option as well.


Using the Gonana application for farmers to sell their products is almost completely free. This is to help the farmers take as much profit as possible as a reward for the hard work they put on production and also to encourage them to boost production and to also take advantage of the Defi suit we have.

Decentralized Exchange

We have integrated a payment system that is easy to use and also an exchange that permits the farmers to swap their token for another. This also means that they can stake, swap, lend, and borrow while earning some profit for their Defi activities. This is to help the farmers have a holistic approach to Defi and Cefi. Also, farmers get a multi-chain exchange where they can use assets from other blockchain protocols like Algorand, XDC, Evmos, Acala, Celo, Solana and Near.

Supply chain

Gonana has partnered with some logistics companies to make sure that every customer using the Gonana DApp for purchases gets the best products from these farmers. The supply chain companies will take full responsibility for any damage or loss of produce that are handled by them. The customer can be guaranteed quality, safety and also on time delivery.

Escrow Service

In the bid to make sure we have a very transparent system where all parties are served as they should, we have integrated an escrow service that requires both parties confirming that all requirements were met and services were delivered as promised.


Development Roadmap

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.



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Gonana is a well structured DApp that gives the farmer access to a wallet on signup. The wallet helps the farmer to have full access and control of the marketplace where they can list their products for the entire Gonana ecosystem. The marketplace gives farmers a complete social media experience where they can chat with customers, other farmers and possible investors that will like to collaborate with them on production or other future business engagements. Also this gives the farmers a multimedia option to upload images of their products and under the images, interested clients can comment onud-main-btn ud-white-btn the individual products the farmers uploaded.

Gona is an integral component of the marketplace and the DEX, which contributes to the expansion and efficiency of our ecosystem. Farmers have the option of receiving payment in Gona, participating in staking, lending, borrowing, and engaging in other Defi-related activities. The total supply of Gona tokens is permanently capped at 1 billion. This means that no minting will be possible through the smart contract, and the total supply will remain constant. Therefore, token burning won't be necessary in the future.

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Any Questions? Answered

Gonana is a platform that allows farmers and buyers to connect directly to sell their goods without involving a middleman to host the data or be involved in any way during the trade and charge a transaction fee.
With Gonana, unlike other online marketplaces, there is no central server involved. It’s a peer-to-peer system that is; farmers are connected to their potential customers. Gonana doesn’t operate under the approval of any law; except the normal fintech regulations, this marketplace is the evolution of an unrestricted global marketplace.
In Gonana, both the farmers and the sellers have access to a forum where they can talk about their products or share their thoughts with others within the application just like any other social media platform. Gonana creates an interactive forum for farmers/sellers on the marketplace.
Every transaction performed on the Gonana marketplace is secured. The platform offers you the best bargain and you get quality farm products for affordable prices. The gonana DApp allows multiple users to buy and sell at the same or different time intervals without any problem.
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